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             Nielloware pin. Est. Value: $45   Nielloware square bowl. Est. Value: $350     Nielloware Cigar/Cigarette Box. Est. Value: $200

History: These silver and black Thai pieces were popular in the 1950s through '70s, and were produced by a variety of jewelry shops. It is technically "Niello" or "Nielloware", created by carving out areas of the silver, and baking a sulfur/metals powder in the carved out areas. The design often displays Mekkala, the Goddess of Lightning, and represents the Thai version (The Ramakien) of the Buddhist and Hindu Indian legend, Ramayama, about a prince, his wife, his parents (King and Queen of Siam), and the evil king of Ceylon. This jewelry was often sent to American wives/girlfriends from their soldier-husbands/boyfriends on leave from fighting in Viet Nam, or stationed in Thailand during the Viet Nam war.

Note that the term "Siam" was used on these items from the early 1930s well into the 1980s (even when Siam was re-named Thailand). The term was used to represent the "Thai craftsmanship community."

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